Hello SJD!

As one of the youngest contributors to the Society of Junior Doctors, I would like to thank everyone for their support in giving me a place on the website to share my thoughts on applying to medical school and joining the medical profession. I would especially like to thank Konstantinos for introducing me to the society and supporting me throughout my path towards medical school as my pre-medical tutor in Pforzheimer House at Harvard College.

I will be using this space to periodically share my thoughts on my interactions with the medical profession. As a college senior, I will be interviewing at medical schools starting on October 22 and will be hopping around from Boston to New York to California for the next month or so to visit potential universities and medical centers. On the way, I hope to get a chance to compare and contrast medical care all over the US and start to learn about the clinical and research opportunities available to me in the future.

Because this is my first blog post, I will also share a bit about my interests outside of medicine. I will probably add all this to an “About Me” section on this page later as well. My great passions outside of medicine are dance and running. I have been dancing with a jazz dance group at Harvard for the past 4 years, and we are looking forward to our fall performance in mid-November. I will also be running in the 2013 New York City Marathon on November 3. Shameless self-promotion here: Please consider donating to my run on behalf of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center by visiting http://www.swimacrossamerica.org/goto/dianamiao! A dollar a mile is a $26 contribution, and every dollar goes toward funding cancer research and treatment!

Thank you again to everyone at the Society of Junior Doctors. I have been incredibly impressed by the enthusiasm and passion in the group thus far, and I look forward to seeing how it grows in the future.